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September 26, 2010

Hot Pink Velvet

My sweet sister in law, Hayley, was visiting Denver this weekend AND we had several birthdays at work to celebrate… Lots of excuses to try new cupcake recipes! I had no idea how much food coloring is required for red velvet cake and I was extremely understocked. I did however have quite a bit of hot pink on hand 🙂 It definitely works!

I’ve also been doing some experimenting with organic agave. It is a natural sweetener that I am still learning about but apparently there are some great health benefits to switching from regular sugar. I only bake with organic evaporate cane sugar because I am convinced that processed, refined sugar is no good… but cupcakes with NO sugar?! Apparently so. Of all my testers I would say they were split 50/50 in favor of these sweet little things.

PS Thanks for the cookie names. Keep em coming!

❤ Sugar Mama

September 23, 2010

Farmers Market 2.0

Good morning loves! Yesterday’s market was great.

Unfortunately I had a small disaster with the chocolate peanut butter cupcakes and only got to bring one dozen…NOT enough! If you want to make a special order and get as many as you want next week give me a call or email and we’ll get you set up.

These giant cookies made their debut as well:

Currently known as The Brad Grimes: for their biggest fan- my daddy 🙂

Hearty oatmeal cookies (crispy on the outside, chewy in the middle) packed with craisins and walnuts & topped with a white chocolate drizzle! Egg, dairy, casein & gluten free as always. Some call it dessert, some call it lunch 🙂 Problem is I don’t know what to call it.

There is a free DOZEN of these bad boys in it for anyone for who can come up with the perfect name. (These ship much better than cupcakes so come on all you long distance fans!) Leave a comment with your ideas. I love you for it!

❤ Sugar Mama

September 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary John & Bekah!

3 Years

I’m a little behind on my blog updates. I was spending all of my blog time trying to fix the old blog but I’ve decided to let go. I’m really excited about wordpress and you can sign up for email updates! Anyway, our GREAT friends John & Bekah recently celebrated 3 years of marriage. (Which gave me a great excuse to bake dark chocolate cupcakes with strawberries & chocolate hearts.) So congrats friends. Love you!

❤ Sugar Mama

September 16, 2010

Cherry Creek Farmers Market

Unfortunately this is the best picture I have of my spot at the market. I’m really excited about how the sign turned out!

And here are my new business cards! They’re a work in progress… Ideas?

Here is a picture of the chocolate mint cupcake in the fun new holders I made!

The market was really fun. Thanks to everyone who came out! Sugar Mama will be there again next Wednesday!

❤ Sugar Mama