Sugar Mama

Hi I’m Ashley and I am the Sugar Mama! I love gluten free & vegan baking and I’m passionate about using organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible. I also love to experiment, so if you have other food allergies or just new flavor ideas please let me know!

I have always loved to bake but found out 2 years ago that I am gluten and dairy intolerant. My sweet tooth suffered for awhile until I discovered vegan and gluten free baking. There are some really great recipes out there and I have been working on my own as well. I love that these cupcakes (and other goodies) can be enjoyed by anyone with gluten or dairy allergies, anyone who has chosen a vegan lifestyle, and anyone who just loves a delicious cupcake 🙂
I would love for you to follow my adventures in the kitchen and please invite your friends to join! I’m hoping to do a farmers market or two before the season ends and I’ll post prices soon. If you are interested in ordering please send me an email or call and we can get something set up.
❤ The Sugar Mama

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